MULTIOPTIC DRONE offers a number of highly qualified Drone (UAV) services that allow you to look at reality from a new perspective, reaching unprecedented dimensions and inaccessible areas.

Thanks to the powerful high-tech instruments (we are the only in Italy with Laser Scanner – LIDAR – by Drone). Multioptic Drone translates its actions into applications. Through image capture, we provide georeferenced data to cm, mapping and monitoring of areas subject to hydrogeological disruption, earthquake areas, rock walls for planning / location rockfall networks, and any type of inspection. In a very short time, data will be acquired and elaborated with advanced software.

Thanks to our collaborations with technical studies, topographies and geology, we can integrate our services with what is needed to complete the required performance (insertions in existing maps, cadastral framing, detail of works or underground networks, development of relief with sections and profiles, etc.).


In-flight statistics

1500 Km

Km covered

25000 min

Flying time

100 %