Esacopter for industrial and cinematographic use with a single drive system, in fact the flight controller is bombarded with information thanks to the redundancy of well  3 GPS and 3 IMU offering the maximum in-flight precision and safety in all situations. Even in case of loss of an engine this control unit is able to manage the power of the other 5 engines  and the ground lead to the drone in safety. The medium is fed simultaneously from 6 smart batteries that in case of failure of one, this is isolated, then a fault will be signaled to the pilot in the ground station after which it will proceed to landing. The flying range is 35 minutes with a room of 1 kg that records video in 4K as in our cam the Zenmuse X5R, up to a maximum payload capacity of 6 kg and a flight of 18 min. The flight terminator presence and ballistic parachute, operated from an external device to the apparatus of the drone and working in a completely different and safe rate, lowers the drone in the event of malfunction or fly away in a few seconds and make it land without causing any harm they do to themselves to third parties.