Multioptic Drone can also offer qualified monitoring services to inert storage to accurately calculate site areas and volumes stored in the site and quantify the material in the affected area.

The photogrammetry applied to these activities allows the detection of materials of various types in order to measure volume, area and perimeter, to evaluate disposal, management, stock and sale costs.

Thanks to our drones, it is possible to fly over the area in minutes, and after the post-processing process, Multioptic can provide data quickly and guarantee accurate centimeter accuracy.

By the same procedure can be quantified areas and volumes of waste storage sites (dumps), evaluated cultivated areas (quarries).

Multioptic Drone produces aero-photogrammetric surveys using the latest technologies, such as laser beam acquisition in DUAL RETURN.

Main export formats:

  • Point clouds ( ASCII XYZ, LAZ/LAS).
  • Orthomosaic (geoTIFF, jpg).
  • DSM/DTM (geoTIFF).
  • Contour lines (dwg, dxf, shp).
  • Profile and section (dwg, dxf).
  • Mesh (obj, 3ds, dae, ply, u3d, pdf, kmz).

The standard quality of Multioptic Drone is very hight thanks to powerful 3.0 instruments:

  • Equipped Drones with RGB sensors (20 Mpx).
  • GPS ground station for GCP (Ground Control Point) with RTK connection.
  • Post-processing software.
  • Lidar (dual return 16 bim).
  • Double GPS antennas on board with RTK correction.

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