Multioptic Drone includes among its services the reconstruction of Point Clouds, a process that allows you to create 3D models that can be exported to CAD and GIS format through the processing of photographic images made by the drone from air and ground. Point cloud is the set of millions of 3D points measurable in a given environment.

Point cloud is viewable through specific software and allows you to get all the relevant information of the survey.

In many cases, it is more advantageous in terms of cost and time to prefer the point cloud to other processing because it allows:

  • Display the detected area in 3D.
  • Measure the distance between points.
  • Make comparisons between models.

Multioptic Drone can perform this service using the laser scanner (LIDAR).   Our LIDAR technology is the lightweight and compact payload on the market, ready for the airplane survey just 5 minutes after launch.   Adjustable inclination angle allows you to detect any type of surface, from flat ground to rocky wall, bridges and galleries. Its use can also be extended to precision farming. With double return the top of the vegetation’s hair is ground-discriminated, then transforming the DSM (Digital Surface Model) into DTM (Digital Terrain Model).

Main export formats:

  • Point clouds ( ASCII XYZ, LAZ/LAS).
  • Orthomosaic (geoTIFF, jpg).
  • DSM/DTM (geoTIFF).
  • Contour lines (dwg, dxf, shp).
  • Profile and section (dwg, dxf).
  • Mesh (obj, 3ds, dae, ply, u3d, pdf, kmz).

The standard quality of Multioptic Drone is very hight thanks to powerful 3.0 instruments:

  • Equipped Drones with RGB sensors (20 Mpx).
  • GPS ground statio for GCP (Ground Control Point) with RTK connection.
  • Post-processing software.

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