Multioptic Drone was born to provide services with UAVs using the latest technologies available on the market.

Multioptic Drone offers aerial detection services to monitor, quickly and efficiently, the status of any construction site, measuring the progress of work being done, indexing work in progress.

Multioptic Drone is able to perform centimeter precision works to create georeferenced 3D models of territories, buildings, and piping.

Moreover, thanks to our drones, we are able to calculate areas and volumes of any area and determine ground contour lines, obtaining data that can be processed for multiple applications.

Our technology can be extremely productive even for the monitoring of archaeological sites. Our intervention procedure allows you to maximize the execution speed of the excavation while producing 2D and 3D documentation with very high detail.

Three-dimensional models allow for reversible excavation through the systematic documentation of stratigraphy with stackable and navigable 3D models.

Multioptic Drone is also able to create digital elevation models (DEMs) that can be used in a geographic information system (GIS)

to produce new data, with numerous applications in the area’s study, such as surveys for the mitigation of natural hazards.

Multioptic Drone offers a range of services that allow you to realize aero-photogrammetric surveys using the latest technologies, such as DUAL RETURN laser beam acquisition.

Main export formats:

  • Point clouds ( ASCII XYZ, LAZ/LAS).
  • Orthomosaic (geoTIFF, jpg).
  • DSM/DTM (geoTIFF).
  • Contour lines (dwg, dxf, shp).
  • Profile and section (dwg, dxf).
  • Mesh (obj, 3ds, dae, ply, u3d, pdf, kmz).

The standard quality of Multioptic Drone is very hight thanks to powerful 3.0 instruments:

  • Equipped Drones with RGB sensors (20 Mpx).
  • GPS ground statio for GCP (Ground Control Point) with RTK connection.
  • Post-processing software.

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